Change Markdown Parser from Redcarpet to Kramdown

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Why Change?

Redcarpet and Pygments is a widely used markdown parser and highlighter. I have already use it for a long time. Recently, i received many warning email from github regarding the change between Redcarpet to Kramdown. Starting May 1st, 2016, Github only support Kramdown as Markdown parser and Rouge as highlighter. It stated that the use of Kramdown and Rouge boost it performance.

The Problem

It turns out that changing between Redcarpet and Pygments to Kramdown and Rouge is not that simple. You cannot just change _config.yml. There is some issue that should be fixed afterwards.


In order to get rid of the problem, one should simply follow these steps.

Modify _config.yml

First you must modify your _config.yml. Change following lines

   highlighter: pygments
   markdown: redcarpet


   highlighter: rouge
   markdown: kramdown
      input: GFM
      auto_ids: true
      syntax_highlighter: rouge

Install Dependency

Dont forget to add following lines to your gemfile.

   gem 'rouge'
   gem 'kramdown'


After all those two steps complete, run

bundle install
bundle update

My Issue

After update, i faced jekyll-pagination issue. It should simply resolved by modifying following lines on your _config.yml

      - jekyll-sitemap


      - jekyll-sitemap
      - jekyll-paginate

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